What to Find on a Southern Thanksgiving Menu


Southern cooks have their own take some just about everything. These are some things that a person can expect to see in a typical southern Thanksgiving menu. While there is still a turkey southern cooks put their own spin on it.
The turkey is still cooked for hours on end but it has additional flavor it to. Southern cooks put an herb rub on the turkey and they let it brine for hours before cooking it. This allows the turkey to become tender and flavorful.
Cornbread dressing is often found at the southern table. This dressing is similar to stuffing only made with cornmeal. It is both filling and tasty at the same time.
Mac and cheese is something that is often found at the Thanksgiving table in the south. This dish is made from scratch and is creamy.
These are some typical southern Thanksgiving foods. These foods follow the tradition yet are fit for a southern household.